MTDC Resort, Mohurli (Tadoba) Updated Room Tariff for the season 2012-13

Dear Friends,

I am posting here the updated Room Tariff Plan of Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation's (MTDC) Moharli (Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve) Resort for the season 2012-13. If you face any difficulty in accomodation, open gypsy booking or availability status, You can mail me at: or Type your message in the messenger window given in the right side or feel free to contact me (Shalik Jogwe) at 09595936369 / 09420303020. It will be my great pleasure to help you by every means.

ROOM TARIFF:  01/10/2012 TO 31/03/2013

DATE:..........A/C Room......Xtra Bed.....Non A/C Room....Xtra Bed






(1) 10% Luxury Tax, shown above in the table, to be paid xtra at the counter while check in.
(2) 7.42% Service Tax, not shown above in the table, to be paid xtra at the counter while check in
(2) Check in Time is: 01:30 PM & Check out Time is: 12:00 Noon
(3) At present Diesel Geneset is available in case of Power-Cut/Loadshading.
(4) In case of Power Failure/Load Shading, A/C's are operational only if sufficient number of rooms are booked. (As I come to know)
(5) Out of 14 Rooms available for Booking, only 2 are Non-A/C.

A Private Contractor is operating the MTDC Canteen.
The Food Quality is Better.
Veg & Non-Veg both type of Foods are available.

(1) MTDC allows maximum 2 Extra-Bed/Room, provided on the spot at the time of check-in & can't be booked online.
(2) All the Rooms are available online for Booking but must be registered with the site.

(3) You Can C L I C K   H E R E   to go to the MTDC website for booking.

(1) Location of the Camp is very good compared to the other Resorts situated in the Mohurli Village.
(2) Rooms are pretty specious, specially Room No. 1 to 6.
(3) Extension Work of Tourists Facilities & Additional Rooms, is under progress so be prepared for the same.
(4) Behind the Camp, Mohurli Lake is there where one may get lot of birding opportunities sitting in the campus itself.



Dear Friends,

I am posting here the Room Tariff Plan of Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation's (MTDC) Mohurli (Tadoba) Resort. If you face any difficulty in accomodation booking or availability status, You can mail me at: or Type your message in the messenger window given in the right side or feel free to contact me at 09372069911 / 09420303020. It will be my great pleasure to help you by every means.


ROOM TARIFF FROM 01/10/2008 TO 30/09/2008

DATE:..........A/C Room......Xtra Bed.....Non A/C Room....Xtra Bed








(1) 4% & 10% are Luxury Taxes to be paid xtra.
(2) Check in & Check out Time : 12:00 Noon
(3) At present Diesel Geneset is available in case of Power-Cut/Loadshading.
(4) A/C's are not be operational in case of Power-Cut/Loadshading. (At Present)

A Private Contractor is operating the MTDC Canteen.
The Food Quality is Better.
Veg & Non-Veg both type of Foods are available.


Why Wildlife Tourism..?

A Beautiful Film by TOFT expressing the Need and Importance of Wildlife Tourism in Wildlife Habitat.


Tadoba Management Decided to Bann Diesel Vehicles

In a meeting held at Mohurli (a major gate of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve), Hon. Mr. Nandkishor, CCF (Wildlife), told that Wildlife Dept. has decided to bann Diesel vehicles used for wildlife safaris from 1st of July 2009.

At present all types of motor vehicles exluding trucks/tractors/three-wheelers are allowed to enter the park for wildlife safaris in Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. The Diesel vehicles were creating a lot of noise and disturbance as well as polluting the environment inside the park.

From 1st July it can be expected that noise, disturbance and pollution will come down at some extent which may result in better sighting. This decision will also reduce the tourists inside the park. As there are so many people who can not afford to hire Gypsies available at Mohurli Gate or they dont have their own petrol vehicles.

But overall results will be definitely in favour of Wildlife and Nature, I hope.


Diesel Vehicles in TATR Yet to Stop

As I mentioned in my above post, though declared by the Hon. CCF (Wildlife) Mr. Nandkishor in a meeting at Mohurli, Tadoba Management has not banned the diesel vehicles inside the park.

All the Vehicles, except Truck, Tractor and Three-Wheelers, are allowed for game rounds or safari in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

I Hope Deaprtment will implement the decision of banning the Diesel vehicles as early as possible.



The below rules are to be followed failing which it will be treated as a punishable offence
1. Carrying of firearms of any kind within the Park is prohibited
2. Pets are not allowed inside the Park
3. Walking & Trekking inside the Park is strictly prohibited
4. Driving inside the park after the designated timings is prohibited
5. Cooking is not allowed inside the Park
6. Littering the park with polythene bags, plastic bottles, tetra packs, food wrappers or any other material is not allowed
7. Official registered guide is compulsory on all safaris
8. Smoking inside and lighting of any kind of fire inside the park is strictly prohibited
9. Playing of music inside the Park is strictly prohibited
10. Visitors are required to observe timings for safaris and are prohibited from taking vehicles off the designated routes thereby causing damage to plant or animal life or their habitat
11. Blowing of horns or driving above the speed limit of 20 kms per hour is strictly prohibited within the Park
12. Vehicles with reverse horns will not be allowed inside the Park
13. Shouting, teasing or chasing animals or attempts to feed them are prohibited within the Park
14. Visitors are required to wear clothes of colours which merge with the natural surroundings ( Khaki, Olive green , other dull colours)
15. Do not wear perfumes or any other strong smelling substances
16. Non vegetarian food and consumption of alcohol is prohibited inside the park


Visitors to the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve are governed by the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act and rules made there-under


Tadoba National Park: Visitors Experience

Dear Friends,

It's very important to have the feedback from Visitors of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve- TATR (who came in contact with me for various reasons like accomodation, gypsy, proper suggestions & guidance, information, safari arrangements, my sincerity regarding transactions and the care I taken) to help decide other visitors if they should ask for my help or not.

Your feedback is also Important to improve myself & my service standard. Also it will help me to make future visits to TATR, by other tourists, their lifelong unforgettable experience and became a Tadoba-Lover.

As a Part of my Conservation efforts in TATR, my ultimate aim behind these all activities is to increase the Tourists traffic in Tadoba and to create & provide affordable wildlife gaming facilities.

I expect, your comments should be clear and enough detailed to help others.

It will be most welcome, but not compulsory, if you will provide your contact details in your comment.

Comments from those people whom I assisted in exploring the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve ( Tadoba National Park), with me or my help, only will be published under this post.

Hope this will help the people who are willing or planning to visit Tadoba in future.

Feel free to contact me at:

You can also Call me on: +91 9372069911 and +91 9420303020

Tadoba Experience

Being from the south region and used to roaming around the jungles out there, I and my group of friends always wanted to explore jungles up north but the distance / cost factor held us back. Just over then, got to know about Tadoba through a fellow INWian Shalik Jogwe... and thus started our journey into the wild wild world with an altogether different terrain / climate and surroundings.
Distance and Travel: Tadoba is quite far from Bangalore (about 1200 kms) and the train journey is cumbersum and long about 20+ hours each way. There are quite a few trains that goes via Chandrapur (the station nearest to tadoba) - Sanghamitra expres, Gorakhpur express, Jodhpur express to name a few and the other alternate options would be either board the Rajdhani express and alight at Kazipet that is around 3 hrs from Chandrapur or fly upto Nagpur and then traverse on road for about 3 hours again.
We took the Sanghamitra express day train onward and the Gorakhpur express on our return journey from Bangalore to Chandrapur and vice versa. From Chandrapur Tadoba is about 18kms away.
Accommodation and Food: We stayed at the MTDC resort @ Rs.900 per day (rates vary per season) and food cost extra. Currently stay options are limited at Tadoba to MTDC resort, Resort Saras and Tadoba resort. Still it was a good and comfortable stay at the MTDC. There is a FRH too at Kolsa that is available with prior permissions.
Safari and Timings: The park is closed on Tuesdays. Entry time is from 6am to 9am (exit by 11am) and 3pm to 5pm (exit by 7pm). Private vehicles are allowed inside with a forest guide. Camera fee / Safari fee / Guide fees etc.. are charged that are nominal. An ideal safari round would be for about 4-5 hours with rounds around Tadoba and Mohurli region.
Other Info: If you are lucky, you would be sighting tigers on the road itself.
Birding is another good option with varieties of winged visitors to see.
The terrain is wonderful, with plains / dense areas / bamboo lined paths / open vast fields; the entire park offers a range of landscape views to the visitor.
Our Feedback: First of all many thanks to Shalik Jogwe for helping us out and arranging everything for us including the pick up and drop from Chandrapur station to TATR, arranging for a gypsy at our service till we were there, joining us on a safari ride, booking accommodations etc and mainly for all the hardwork he is doing in the field at Tadoba as a wildlifer working towards the conservation and popularizing Tadoba.
1. As we all discussed, the cost factor is an important thing which needs to be controlled for pulling in visitors.
2. Food is another area where only few options are available at Tadoba.
3. Pamplets can be distributed by your NGO with the help of the forest dept staff
(i) highlighting the concerns of TATR
(ii) how precious tigers are for the land and the ecosystem
(iii) how precious and sensitive is the TATR area for the conservation of tigers
(iv) how important is the role of any visitor to the park
(v) how not to panic when in an unforeseen condition (like when any tigers / gaur charge at the open jeeps - this can also be helpful to the villagers also)
(vi) what not to do when in the forest area (avoiding plastics, maintaining silence, colors of the clothes worn, shouting etc...)
4. Requesting all visitors to campaign against the mining at TATR.
5. Most importantly suggestions on how to improve conditions at Tadoba.

Finally saying Tigers are to be preserved to show our future generations what an elegant / charismatic creature existed and hopefully they continue to rein for centuries to come...

With regards and wishes,
Santosh (
Nagaraj / Gaitonde
from Bangalore.