Tadoba National Park: Visitors Experience

Dear Friends,

It's very important to have the feedback from Visitors of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve- TATR (who came in contact with me for various reasons like accomodation, gypsy, proper suggestions & guidance, information, safari arrangements, my sincerity regarding transactions and the care I taken) to help decide other visitors if they should ask for my help or not.

Your feedback is also Important to improve myself & my service standard. Also it will help me to make future visits to TATR, by other tourists, their lifelong unforgettable experience and became a Tadoba-Lover.

As a Part of my Conservation efforts in TATR, my ultimate aim behind these all activities is to increase the Tourists traffic in Tadoba and to create & provide affordable wildlife gaming facilities.

I expect, your comments should be clear and enough detailed to help others.

It will be most welcome, but not compulsory, if you will provide your contact details in your comment.

Comments from those people whom I assisted in exploring the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve ( Tadoba National Park), with me or my help, only will be published under this post.

Hope this will help the people who are willing or planning to visit Tadoba in future.

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