About Tadoba Tourism

Dear Friends,
Tadoba Tourism is the outcome of my interaction with various Visitors and Nature Lovers. Though Tadoba National Park is the Natural Land of Tigers, many visitors facing problems in reaching this park.

Enriched with great wealth of Biodiversity through flora and fauna, wildlife, birds, butterflies, beautiful landscaping, Tadoba still suffering due to lack of proper information and adequate facilities.

This is a little attempt to overcome the problem of lack of adequate information regarding ways and means to reach, stay and spot the wildlife, which is very important while planning to explore Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve.

Through this blog, I aim to provide each and every information that may be required to visit and estimate the expenses.

It will be my great pleasure to help all visitors and Nature Lovers who want to visit Tadoba National Park by every means without any self.

I am looking for your kind suggestions to improve this blog and make it more accurate and informative in favour of every visitor.

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This May Help You.....!

Dear Friends,

* Tourism Point of View and to avoid the rush of the vehicle at any single sighting point, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve is now divided into 3 zones: Mohurli, Tadoba, and Kolsa.

* Only 20 Vehicles per Safari are allowed in every zone i.e. Kolsa, Mohurli & Tadoba.

* Out of these 3 zones, Tadoba Zone is mostly demanded by tourists. This zone has 3 gates and there respective number of vehicles for entry are - Khutwanda (Vehicles are allowed to go from Mohurli gate) 7 Vehicles, Navegaon (Nearer to Khadsangi) 6 Vehicles and Kolara (close to Chimur) 7 Vehicles. But the proper accomodation, Gypsies and Best of the Guides are available at Mohurli Gate Only. This zone has diverse habitat and very beautiful landscape.

* Mohurli Zone has only one gate for entry and that is at Mohurli itself. This is the place where all the required facilities are available. At the same time, best of the sightings happened normally in this Zone.
This gate has 34 entries avaialble for safari. ( 7 for Tadoba, 20 Mohurli and 7 for Kolsa)

* Kolsa Zone is most beautiful Zone as far jungle quality matters. But the sighting ratio is very low and Animal World here is very Shy. This is the least demanded Zone by Tourist. A Forest rest house at Kolsa Village is also available in this Zone for booking. This Zone is also better accessible from Mohurli. This Zone also has 3 Gates for Entry and there respective number of vehicles are: Mohurli 7 Vehicles, Pangdi (Close to Sindewahi) 7 Vehicles, and Zari (Nearer from Mul and Chandrapur) 6 Vehicles.

* Advance Park Entry Booking:
   TATR Management started Advance Park Entry Booking from Chandrapur. But it can be done personally and Online Booking is not made available yet. They do not provide Advance Booking more than 7 days before i.e. On Saturday, you can get the advance booking of Sunday till Friday, if available. Due to very less vehicles and Mad rush on Saturdays and Sundays, you all are advised to contact your contact person as soon as possible to get the booking.

* Accomodation:

The availability of accommodation is also a very big issue now in Tadoba (Mohurli Gate). Right now nearabout 30-35 rooms are available only for stay and due to very heavy rush almost all the Saturdays and sundays are full in every resort.

Overall, While planning a safari Trip in Tadoba needs careful and well within the time planning. On time planning may lead to harassment only.

Mohurli has Reliance Mobile Tower So best Cellphone connectivity you can expect here is of Reliance only.

If you need any more information or help, Please feel free to call me on +91 9420303020 or + 91 9595936369. You can also mail me at

How to reach Tadoba (TATR) from Bangalore?

How to reach Tadoba from Bangalore?

What is the shortest route and distance?

Road / Rail /Air convenience...

I have tried to address all these below…

From Bangalore to Tadoba

Nearest railhead is Chandrapur (30 kms) or Balharshah (35 kms).

Option 1: If you have sufficient time take the days train so that you don’t miss on the next day morning safari.

1. Sanghamitra Express – 2295 – Dep: 9am Arrival: 5:30am at Chandrapur. From there 30 minutes drive and you are drive straight into the morning safari. Journey time: 20 hours.
Train runs 6 days a week and 2AC fare is about 1200/- per person. This would be fastest of the day trains and would be convenient for people on short trips.
2. Jaipur Express – 2975 – Dep: 1pm Arrival: 8:20am at Chandrapur. Reach Tadoba, rest for couple of hours and start with the afternoon safari. Journey time: 19 hours.
Train runs on Thursday and Saturday.
3. Gorakhpur Express – 5016 – Dep: 7:40am Arrival: 6:30am at Chandrapur. Slightly inconvenient and longer train. Journey time: 23 hours.
Run only on Thursday.Bagmati Express – 2578 – Alternate to Sanghamitra on Fridays. No other changes.

Option 2: Fastest way of reaching Tadoba

1. Rajdhani Express – 2429 – Dep: 8:20pm Arrival: 1:15pm at Balharshah (but ticket needs to booked till Nagpur as there is no official stop at Balharshah only change of guards and division). You will be right in time for the afternoon safari. Journey time: 17 hours.
Train runs on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. 3AC fare is about 1500/- per person.

Option3: Road and Rail

1. Take an overnight Volvo bus to Hyderabad and ensure you reach by 6am. Catch the daily AP Express (2723) to reach Chandrapur by 1pm. Journey time: 17 hours.

Option4: Air

Bangalore – Nagpur flight (4 hrs) and from there by road to Tadoba (3 hrs). Slightly inconvenient and almost the day goes off in travelling to and fro from the airport.

Tadoba (Chandrapur) to Bangalore
Option 1:

1. My preferred way of travel.
Chandrapur to Secunderabad by Rail (AP Express – 2724; Dep: 12:25pm Arrival: 7:15pm – Runs daily). Sleeper fare – 350/-. Secunderabad to Hyderabad RG bus station by local bus 10/-. Overnight KSRTC Volvo to Bangalore (multiple services available). Fare 750/-.
Next day morning you are back at your work desk.

Option 2:
1. Bangalore Rajdhani from Balharshah.
Rajdhani – 2430 – Dep: 3pm Arrival: 6:40 am (but ticket needs to booked from Nagpur and boarding at Kazipet). Journey time: 16 hours. 3AC fare is about 1500/- per person.
Train runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Option 3:
Day trains available but consumes whole day of travel. Sanghamitra, Gorakhpur and Jaipur express. Suggested on return only if no other alternate option available.

For more information, Please feel free to call Shalik on +91 9595936369 or +91 9420303020. You can also mail him at



Revised Park Entry Fee w.e.f. 20/10/2012

Dear Friends,

As per the information received from Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve Management, Park Entry Rates are revised w.e.f. from October 20, 2012. There are major changes and hike in overall rates. The new rates are as follows.

1. All Saturday/Sunday & Govt/Local Holiday....Rs.1000/- Per Round
2. On All other days than mentioned above......Rs.750/- Per Round

3. Guide Charges....................................Rs.200/- Per Round

Elephant Rides: (Joy Ride of Approximate 4 KM; No Tiger Shows)

Indian Citizens:
All Saturday/Sunday & Govt/Local Holiday.....Rs.150/- Per Round
 On All other days than mentioned above.......Rs.100/- Per Round

Foreign Citizens:
1) All Saturday/Sunday & Govt/Local Holiday.....Rs.900/- Per Round
 On All other days than mentioned above.......Rs.600/- Per Round

Please Note: 
1.The above Park Entry Charges includes Camera Fee (Non-Commercial Purpose)
2. At present, Advance Park Entry Booking system is manual  & can be booked from Chandrapur Office.
3. Advance booking is available 28 days prior only.
4. If not booked fully in advance, spot booking is available at the respective gates.

If you feel any problem or need any help, querry, more information on Tadoba, feel free to write me at or connect directly with me on +91 9420303020, +91 9595936369.